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Skills & Services

Writing, Speaking, Facilitation, Workshop Design & Delivery, and bespoke overlaps of all of these.



My portfolio of written work includes evidenced deep-dives, opinion pieces, and personal essays. I strive to make my writing as engaging and accessible as possible to leave the reader with something to keep stewing over. My writing has featured on several platforms including Black Ballad, The Guardian, The Independent,, several magazines on Medium, Times Higher Education, Star Trek, Travel Noire, Reader’s Digest, Huffpost and many others.

Within this skillset I also undertake copy-editing, proofreading and provision of feedback for academic texts, and sensitivity reading for all forms of written work.



From bitesize talks to hour-long lectures and discussion panels, I've given presentations and participated in platformed conversations around research & development as well as popular culture topics. What stays constant no matter which audience I'm speaking to is that the talk or points I am bringing to the conversation will be informative, engaging, deeply researched, and adapted to the audience (in terms of age group and specific needs), and there will be some space for Q&A.

Across my career I've presented for research thinktanks, activist groups, charities, and unions including Race Reflections, The University and College Union (UCU), National Union of Students (NUS), Promising Trouble, The Royal Society of Arts (RSA), UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE), and at several conferences and universities.

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Bringing a depth of sensitive assertiveness, I facilitate and chair gatherings including recruitment & selection panels, Knowledge Exchange panels, community advisory panels, working groups, and conversations that need to be held carefully and with an added layer of nuance and responsiveness to points that emerge during the session. In this context my expertise lies particularly in ensuring spaces where lived experiences are shared are held bravely, productively, with utmost duty of care, and followed by a robust monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) protocol.

I have facilitated various formats of conversation for Wellcome Connecting Science, Watershed, Zound, The Museums Association Conference, Cancer Research UK (CRUK), and The Francis Crick Institute amongst other organisations.

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Workshop Design & Delivery

My skills in designing and delivering workshops were honed during my part-time job as a study skills tutor during my PhD. In this award-winning role, I developed knowledge around pedagogical frameworks of learning and teaching which I have continued to apply in all of my work till date. Including the pre-set workshops that I offer, I am always happy to design and deliver bespoke workshops. My expertise also allows me the flexibility to deliver workshop content that has already been pre-designed and developed by partners.

As a workshop facilitator I've worked with The Francis Crick Institute, Watershed, The University of Sheffield Study Skills Centre, The Medical Research Council (MRC), and Glitch Charity.

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